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Wind Deflectors

There's nothing better than cruising down the road, windows down and music up. Until, of course, it starts raining or the swirling wind drowns out your radio, tangles your hair and makes conversation next to impossible. Say goodbye to the invasive wind by installing a custom set of window vent visors - vent visors are designed to greatly reduce the breeze, so you can have a more enjoyable driving experience, rain or shine. Having a durable set of vent window deflectors makes any trip more enjoyable. Deflectors keep rain and moisture out of your cab while your windows are rolled down, allowing you to breathe fresh air without getting wet. Better yet, if you're tired of the sun's glare beaming into your peripherals, tinted window deflectors do just the trick. Other benefits of deflectors include reducing the wind in your cabin and discouraging bugs from entering. The Car Salon's selection of vent wind deflectors helps you always stay one step ahead of Mother Nature.

Stop by The Car Salon to find top-quality vent wind deflectors for your vehicle. We carry a wide range designed exclusively for your make and model, so whether you're searching for a Honda Civic wind deflector or a Camaro vent wind deflector, you're sure to find the perfect match.

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